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Media professionals may access this area for all queries regarding Velo-city 2011. Velo-city 2011 will take place in Seville during the 23rd, 24th and 25th of March 2011.

Velo-city is currently the most important and interesting international event related to the bicycle as a means of urban transport. The city of Seville has been chosen to host the 2011 edition of Velo-City due to its successful establishment of a complete system of cycle tracks for bikes. Just in three years 120 kilometres of cycle tracks has been created as well as a public bicycle system, fostering the use of bicycles as a healthy and sustainable means of transport. 

Today, Seville is an extraordinary point of reference on a worldwide scale for cities without a tradition of cycling as a means of urban transport. The conference slogan, “The Cycle of Life”, refers to the bicycle as a part of everyday life for people of any age so that everybody contribute to create more sustainable cities.
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