Ciclovida (Car-free Sunday)

CICLOVIDA and its benefits

CICLOVIDA originated in cities in Latin America, and has arrived at Seville in relation to the Velo-city Congress from which, in turn, it will spread to Europe and give rise to a network of experiences.


The CICLOVIDA programme has been organised within the framework of the preparations of the Velo-city Congress, specifically in relation to the Health topic, which is also referred to in the congress slogan, “The Cycle of Life”, showing how important cycling is as an everyday source of life.

Photo by Sociedad Sostenible

CICLOVIDA consists of temporarily opening the city’s streets to its inhabitants, so that they can make the most of a safe, free and lay place for recreation and sport, providing full access to pedestrians and cyclists.


CICLOVIDA provides the opportunity to exercise and prevent illness, to recover and enjoy public spaces, to promote peaceful co-existence, respect, social cohesion and environmental awareness, and to help citizens to acquire healthy habits, to improve air quality and to reduce noise in cities.

Photo by Sevilla Cycle Chic

The objective is for CICLOVIDA to take place periodically and be left as a legacy of the Velo-city 2011 Congress, showing the importance of the new habits acquired in Seville thanks to the success of its urban cycling policy, which will benefit all future generations.

Programmed dates:

7 November

12 December

16 January

20 February

27 March