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Velocity Sevilla 2011

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January 4th 2011

Find out who the keynote speakers are!

Please visit the website, where you can find up-to-date information about the content, keynote speakers, parallel activities and the latest news about the conference to be held in Seville in March. 

We can now confirm that the keynote speakers are:

Plenary 1- Learning about non-motorised cities: lifelong learning.

Francesco Tonucci: Education researcher. He coined the "Children’s city" concept and is leader of the project of the same name.

Lynn Sloman. Consultant for the "Transport for quality of life" company. Author of the book entitled "CAR SICK: solutions for our car-addicted culture".

Plenary 2- Cycling, towards a healthier city.

Francesca Racioppi. Coordinator of the World Health Organisation’s Health and Transport Programme.

Enrique Jacoby.  Regional Advisor to the Pan American Health Organisations Nutrition Unit. Founder of the Organization Ciclovias Recreativas of the Americas.

Plenary 3- Public investment for a better life: the efficiency of cycling investments.

Pilar Vega. Consultant and sustainable, non-motorised mobility expert. She has worked on a number of projects in Spain.

Second speaker to be confirmed.

Plenary 4- Economy and employment: the bicycle as a livelihood. 

Patrick Kayemba. Expert in non-motorised mobility projects in African countries. She belongs to the FABIO NGO.

Second speaker to be confirmed.

Preliminary programme: 120 speakers from 27 countries

The deadline for proposals ended on 2nd December. The Content Committee would like to acknowledge the high quality of the 246 proposals received and points out the complexity of their deliberations in the selection process. The preliminary programme includes 120 speakers from 27 countries, offering all conference delegates a unique opportunity to learn more about a wide selection of experiences linked to cycling as a means of transport.

For details of the programme, go to Updates will be available on the official website.

Welcome to the New Year

Just a few words to wish you all a happy 2011, a new year that all bicycle lovers are looking forward to. We have worked very hard in 2010 since Seville was officially appointed host city: the preparatory work, the global conference in Copenhagen, approval of the preliminary programme, appointment of Guillermo Peñalosa as master of ceremonies and the programme’s closure with the keynote speakers’ confirmation; together with various promotion activities to ensure that Velo-city 2011 becomes a true city event, with the massive participation of Seville, its people and all its visitors.

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