Nothing is harder than to change people’s habits. We believe that it can be done, however, if the right techniques are used and the target models are visible.
Our aim here is to go one step further than the traditional idea of education as something related only to new generations of children and youth. Educational and learning are lifelong processes and, in terms of urban mobility, should be applied in any strategy aimed at changing people’s habits.

To foster these strategies, new perspectives of the city are essential, together with the use of collective participation techniques to ensure that they are visualised and attractive. The idea is to create excitement about a city model based on a different mobility and accessibility system, in which cycling is not only an ideal means of transport but also a way to experience happy urban journeys.

Plenary Speakers


Lynn Sloman

Founder of the Consultancy “Transport for Quality of Life” and author of ‘Car Sick: Solutions for our Car-addicted Culture’.


Francesco Tonnucci

Educational scientist.
"The city of children".

She have helped to establish the Cycling Cities and Towns Programme in 18 English towns with little or no previous cycling culture. They were chosen to be cycling demonstration towns to promote the use of cycling as a means of transport.
Lynn is a Board Member of Cycling England, the body set up by the UK Department for Transport to increase levels of cycling.    

She is an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Transport Studies at University College of London.

Since 1996, he is responsible for the project “La cittá dei bambini” (The city of children), that seeks a friendly city for the children.

He has worked as a consultant for this project in many different countries like Italy, Argentina, Peru and Spain.

Since 1999 he is member of the WWF Italy (World Wide Fund for Nature) scientific committee.

Under the pseudonym Frato he works as one of Italy´s best known Cartoonist.