About Velo City 2011

Velo City 2011 is a cycling initiative that has been introduced and is being pioneered across different cities in Spain. Cycling is a trend that is picking up in major cities across the globe as people come together to play an active part in reducing carbon emissions. The goal of this initiative is to encourage vehicle owners to leave their cars at home and instead cycle to work or to their other errands especially if they involve short distances where driving is unnecessary.

The value proposition when it comes to cycling is the fact that its benefits go beyond environmental as there are a number of health, economic, and social benefits that can directly be tied to cycling. It’s important to note that these benefits are not conjecture, and have been proven on many occasions. This is why Velo City 2011 is a timely initiative for both urban and suburban dwellers and worth an investment in.

We already have tangible results from our partnerships with local authorities in cities such as Seville and we are looking to grow this initiative to other cities in Spain and the greater European continent. We therefore look forward to your partnership with us.

Carissa Ferrer Saldivar
Founder – Velo City 2011