The most interesting thing about adopting cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation is that the value proposition that cycling brings go beyond environmental, as there are a number of other benefits to health, economic, and social lives of active cyclers that can directly be tied to cycling. In addition to this, these benefits are not conjecture, as there’s a lot of documentary evidence that can be referred to. It’s for this reason that we welcome you to actively contribute to the Velo City 2011 initiative.

We want you to be an advocate for sustainable driving and reduced carbon emissions in your city and through this platform you can make your thoughts known through sharing content that will shed light on the need to take up this cause. We will gladly review and publish your content as long as it can contribute to this cause of reducing environmental impact through making our personal transportation greener.

Therefore, if you wish to learn more about how you can become an active contributor to the Velo City 2011 initiative, please get in touch with us through our email:

We look forward to your participation in strengthening this initiative.