3 environmental benefits of cycling

The primary reason for promoting sustainable transportation initiatives such as cycling is the tremendous environmental benefits that it brings in addition to the fact that it calls ordinary citizens to play an active role in environmental protection. These are usually direct benefits because they can be seen and even quantified and easily comprehended by ordinary citizens.

We are therefore going to briefly look at 3 environmental benefits of cycling.

Cycling promotes zero emissions

The main benefit of cycling to the environment as a sustainable mode of transportation is that it promotes zero emissions. Bicycles don’t use any form of energy source other than the physical strength of the cyclist through pedaling and this doesn’t result in any emissions into the environment as opposed to other modes of transportation such as motorbikes and cars.

Cycling will reduce traffic jams

It’s no secret that traffic jams are very costly on the environment not only as a result of the loss of man hours wasted in traffic but also the combined emissions released into the environment at the same time and at the same location. Cycling is the best solution for this because bikes require less space and are more mobile.

Cycling will promote local economies

With more cyclers on the road, there will be creation of jobs for various people including spare part shops, bicycle mechanics, custom shops and so on. This will therefore spur the growth of local economies with bike owners regularly spending money on such services.

There are of course many more benefits of adopting sustainable transport initiatives such as cycling therefore making initiatives such as Velo City 2011 a no brainer. The beauty about such initiatives is that they place the responsibility of environmental protection firmly on the hands of ordinary citizens therefore giving them an opportunity to actively play a part.

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