Here are 3 amazing health benefits of cycling

Before we get into the environmental benefits of cycling we thought it a good idea to first briefly look at the health benefits associated with cycling. Our goal is to demonstrate to you that taking up cycling is a win-win as you have enough incentive to do it other than just playing an active part in saving your environment which we feel should be enough incentive in itself.

Here are 3 amazing health benefits of cycling.

It’s good for your cardiovascular health

Your heart has been tasked with a very demanding task of ensuring that blood is pumped to every part of your body non-stop throughout your life. It therefore requires a regular boost through cardio exercises in order to keep performing at optimum. Regular cycling has been proven to be one of the best cardio exercises.

It’s good for your muscle development and strength

The day to day physical tasks that you engage in require great muscular strength therefore one of the best ways to strengthen your muscles and aid in their continuous development is through regular cycling. The task of pedaling helps strengthen multiple muscles in your upper and lower body which are important for your day to day physical tasks.

It’s good for your posture

One of the primary reasons people suffer from frequent muscle and joint pains is down to poor posture. The way we seat, stand, sleep, shoes we wear, and many other things we do affects our natural poster thereby putting a strain on our bodies which results in joint and muscular pains. Through regular cycling, our body can be restored to its natural posture therefore relieving us of such problems.

The beauty about cycling is that you won’t have to go out of your way to do it as the Velo City 2011 initiative proposes adopting cycling as our primary mode of intra-city transportation. This therefore means that you will get the benefit of exercise as you handle your day to day errands.

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